REALTORS® are NOT Sales Clerks.

EASy Media has been in the real estate marketing business for over 30 years. Some marketing companies offer the same ad approach to REALTORS® that they offer to car dealers, mom & pop’s, and large box stores. They try to pigeon-hole REALTORS® into the same advertising strategy as retailers. The word “REALTOR®" sounds like “retailer” but that’s about it.

Retailers employ a business model where they accumulate their own inventory and then set their own price. Large Box A sells the same product line as Large Box B but it is not the same inventory. Millions of people own the same model of smartphone but only one person owns 1234 Main St, Anytown, USA. In addition, retailers rarely negotiate on price and they certainly don’t negotiate the price of their inventory on your behalf.

EASy Media has spent decades developing solutions and adapting to the changes in the real estate industry. Being selected by a home buyer or potential seller is dependent on their knowledge of your brand and services. Choose a marketing partner that knows your industry.